"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
   — George Eliot

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“MPN is the ONLY truly marketing-focused networking group for those in transition. The disciplinary focus proved to have value beyond generic outplacement support and other networking groups. For me, MPN provided a virtual marketing alumni club that I could and have since called upon to find a subsequent position and suppliers/ subcontractors to support my business.

The MPN experience is unique. George challenges us, which is exactly why we should listen to his sage and often incisive advice. MPN helped me to learn from the experiences of others without having to make the same mistakes myself. While no one should rely on just one source, MPN can help show the way toward other networking opportunities. Also, the relationships that I have developed at MPN will continue to support my own quest for marketing Nirvana, whatever that might look like for me in the future. Yes...I'm in transition again and looking for a marketing opportunity. What can I do for you?”

Greg R., Needham, MA

“MPN is a 'must' for the marketing professional looking for work. Here are some reasons to consider adding this group to your job-hunting resources.

  • You get invaluable information about the organizations you are interested in. George Mercer creates an atmosphere that's very conducive to sharing. Many of us have ended up in job interviews armed with an arsenal of MPN-supplied information.
  • You can upgrade your job hunting skills, benefiting from other skilled professional communicators. George does a great job letting us all learn from each other. I learned some crucial lessons about how to present myself from MPN meetings.
  • You are investing in a long-term community. Not only are your fellow marketing professionals there for you while you are job hunting, but also they're future potential resources and sounding boards. I'll always give top priority to helping a fellow MPNer, and I always learn something at the soirees.
Heather C., Boston, MA

“I truly feel that my time with MPN is one of the things that helped me get this job. Specifically, using the feedback given at meetings to fine tune my elevator speech, having some really great PARs ready to go for interviews and the talk we had this week on salary (to understand what I am worth) are all things that made the difference in this whole process. So, George, thank you for creating and making MPN the wonderful resource it is. I guess you could say I am another one of your MPNers that help you keep your tagline!”

Christy M., Oxford, MA

“MPN was a tremendous help to me on several fronts: connecting with like-minded marketers about job opportunities and company culture, learning new skills and sharpening rusty ones, support from empathetic people also dealing with the 'excruitiating inertia' of the past year, and most of all, the insightful guidance you [George Mercer] provided me throughout the journey. I needed to hear that I should drop out of the volunteer activity I was involved in because it was taking too much time, even though I knew I should. It was the push I needed to make it final. That, as much as the encouragement for keeping balls in the air on multiple fronts. Telling me I was doing the right things kept me from feeling unfocused and unsure where all of this would lead.”

Mary B., Littleton, MA

“The Marketing Professionals Network was a godsend.”

Michael P., Stow, MA

“It turned out to be another fun MPN Soirée! I made some interesting contacts, and will follow up to see where they lead. A brilliant idea to keep everything lighthearted and allow us the whole time to network. And wow, I won the Cabernet Sauvignon! Thanks again for all your hard work to pull this off. Of the many things you do, this is surely one of the best ideas!”

Sian C., Framingham, MA

“When it comes to writing, I may be a person of few words, but that should not be mistaken as a measure of my sincerity and gratitude to you and MPN. During my career search, you and the MPN colleagues have come thru in many ways. The biweekly meetings and regular workshops provided a level of support that ranged from the tactical to the emotional. And as we all know, there is a strong market for all of these in the many stages and aspects of a career search. Your specific direction in the areas of communication, preparation, and process management, was invaluable and on target. I am indebted to you and the group for helping me bring my search to a successful conclusion.”

P.J.C., Danvers, MA

“George, your help has been a tremendous boost during the mid and latter stages of this search. I am very happy that I learned of MPN in May and that I soon looked the organization up and started attending meetings. The group and your facilitation has been extremely valuable to me - just think, you even told me last week how impressed you were with my presentation. Well, it was not that long ago that you pointed out several ways I could/should improve my 30-second spiel. Isn't it nice to be impressed with your handiwork! Glad you are.”

Judy F., Brockton, MA

“George, you and MPN were really such a lifesaver for me, I credit your group for getting me through one of the darkest times in my life. I wouldn't have made it through without you! So I am glad when I can give back to the group, even if it's only in some small way. Whenever I run into another marketing professional who is unemployed, I always refer them to MPN, in the hopes that they will gain as much benefit from the group as I did. God bless you and MPN!!”

Deborah J., Haverhill, MA

“So, how did I find this job? I'm a pretty big networker, so it was no surprise that I came upon this lead through networking with three MPNers! First, I met with Aaron K. who suggested I meet with Lianne W., who suggested I contact Kyle C. - BINGO! Kyle graciously took the time out of her new job to meet with me. At that meeting, she mentioned that a former colleague had recently contacted her because he was looking for marketing help. Of course, I jumped on that one the same day and emailed this person who is now my boss (the CMO). The rest is history. This job was NOT advertised, I might add…ahhhh…the hidden job market. The MPN group is the best networking group I've come across and the proof is in the pudding.”

Francine C., Waltham, MA

“MPN played a very important role during my transition. The contacts and encouragements were exactly what I needed. You have made a lifelong fan, and I will be happy to do whatever I can for MPN in the future.”

Keith K., West Roxbury, MA

“Thank you so much, George, for your support, advice and encouragement during my job search. A group like MPN, with your outstanding leadership, really makes the difference between an effective (even enjoyable) search and the alternative. You and the group provided me with the enthusiasm and reassurance that was crucial to my remaining sane and motivated during this process. Thanks especially for the suggestions on good interview questions - I used many of them in the final round. Please tell the Admin Guy that he's doing a great job, too!”

Sara J., Littleton, MA

“As my contract position had been slow to convert to full-time employee status, I reduced my work commitment to four days a week and chose Monday as my search day so I would have the opportunity to participate in the MPN meetings. Having been an active member in MPN previously, I knew MPN would provide me with the structure, focus and feedback I would need to re-energize my job search. Once I made my decision, I contacted George, asking if he had room for me in the Monday MPN meeting. His response, "Of course. There is always room for you here." My first meeting was yesterday. It felt like I was coming home. I may not stay long, but it is always comforting to know I am welcome and valued.”

Pat M., Waltham, MA

“Joining MPN and participating in bi-weekly meetings led by George Mercer is a value-added experience for the marketing professional in a search or transition. His ability to ask probing questions, lead discussions on thorny or topical issues, and pull out the strengths and interests of each group participant is unique. I never left a meeting without specific leads or key contact names. Most important, his constructive criticism, sense of humor and curiosity create an environment ripe for learning and progress in the job search. I highly recommend MPN!”

"Kristen R.

“I joined MPN about 5 years ago when I made a major career change and found myself feeling kind of lost at sea. This group really helped me find my way. I've made many contacts and a few new friends there, it's been a very valuable experience in many ways. The facilitator, George Mercer, is great at helping people at all levels direct their career paths and make the changes they want. I think he would be an excellent person to help you map a plan for yourself so you can move ahead. The feedback from other members is invaluable, there is so much experience in the room, good people who want to help. Go for it!”

Audrey L., Boston, MA

“George facilitates the Marketing Professionals Network – a career networking group focused on helping Marketing Professionals figure out their next move, search strategy etc. Before accepting the Sarvega position, I was active in MPN (it turns out George can abide the occasional sales type). Actually, MPN was the only networking organization I participated in regularly and part of the reason was the quality of the members. Overall, a pretty experienced and motivated group. MPNers reflect a broad diversity of marketing disciplines: Product Marketing, Marketing Programs, Public Relations, Competitive Marketing etc. and many of them have considerable IT experience.”

Fred R., Cambridge, MA

“Thank you all for all of your support and guidance! I was involved with several local networking groups during my job search and found that MPN was the most valuable and enjoyable! This experience has been an 'interesting' one, but I come away with a great(er) appreciation for the help, support, and generosity of friends both old and new. I look forward to staying connected with the group going forward.”

Martha S., Somerville, MA

“MPN has been a valuable resource for me during several job searches. Here's how:

  1. Served as a sounding board for job search tactics.
  2. Allowed me to create a personal network with sharp marketing folks with whom I remain connected.
  3. Gave me fresh perspectives on my 30-second pitch and resume.
  4. Helped to keep me focused during the job search.
  5. Made me aware of other networking opportunities and contacts.
  6. Most importantly served as a support system when I hit roadblocks in the job search process. MPN members, especially George Mercer, have helped boost my morale at low points during my job search.

I wholeheartedly recommend MPN. The more you give to others within the network, the more you will receive.”

Denise B., Nashua, NH

“I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in the past couple of years. Your positive attitude and the support of the group is what kept me going and motivated. The service that you offer is invaluable to unemployed individuals and I hope that you will continue offering it for many many years to come.”

Tamy L., Brookline, MA

“I want to thank you [George] for all the wonderful support that you have offered to me. It has been extremely helpful as I've gone through what has been by far the most arduous job search of my career - your continued cheer and advice has on many occasions helped me stay optimistic about my prospects, when it was hard to see that things would turn out positively.

I intend to continue evangelizing MPN as much as I can - as well as recommending your personal services for job seekers of course - because it is truly a wonderful resource for marketing professionals and one that I would have loved to have known about earlier in my career...

I will definitely miss the weekly meetings, including the ummm...wonderful jokes ;)... but look forward to seeing everyone at the next Soiree!”

Chris P., Nashua, NH

“I want to express thanks for your support during my career transition in 2009. I'll start work on Monday Dec. 21st. You should know that your advice to me last November when I considered rejecting a consulting position at relatively low pay has worked out well - by accepting, I had a steady (modest) paycheck all year long, and the assignment would have ceased at end of this month! JoAnne [my wife] would have divorced (or beaten) me had I been home for thirteen months!!!”

C. L., Derry, NH

“Wanted to let you know that I have good news. I just accepted two offers for part-time consulting work in marketing. So I will be quite busy and will be unable to attend your Monday comic routine…I mean networking sessions :-) Seriously George, I have really enjoyed talking with you and the group. It really got me on the right track at the beginning of each week, and I strongly feel that MPN certainly helped me personally build my brand. Thanks again for putting a smile on my face each Monday.”

Mike R., Wayland, MA

“Thank you so much for your help. We have had some excellent responses to your email to your group about the job we posted, and I really appreciate your help! Your network sounds fascinating - certainly a great resource for marketing people.”

Kathy T., Arsenal Center for the Arts Watertown, MA

“I want to thank all of you for all your wisdom and kindnesses over these past trying months. The MPN team has been a Godsend for me, for which I will always be grateful.”

Jack LeM.. Winchester, MA

“I was offered and accepted the Marketing Manager position today. Yes, well, amazing things happen. I returned from Maine with my daughter and her friend yesterday morning, got a call at 11:00 and finalized the agreement by 1:00.  My fortune from my fortune cookie last night read:
"Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark."
While I wasn't always singing, I did have faith that something would shift when I needed it. You, as always, have played an important role in keeping my faith steady. Thank you George!

Roze F., Westford, MA

Roze F., Westford, MA

“You did so much more than guide me through a job search, you helped me find my dream job! Your knowledge of the non-profit sector coupled with the incredible support from so many MPNers made the sometimes arduous journey much easier. And the great thing is, I know you and MPN will be there the next time.”

Lynda W., Reading, MA

“I saw an article in The New York Times recently about people in jobs helping those out there looking for jobs. I especially liked the line: "When you evoke positive feelings in people or mitigate negative ones, you create the kind of emotional engagement that underlies most any type of loyalty, whether to a brand or to a person." This is the feeling I got when attending MPN meetings and from all the help I received from you, George, and other members of MPN.

Bob D., Westwood, MA

“As you can imagine, this is really my dream job and I can't wait to start! However, I never would have been able to get this far if it weren't for great friends like you, George. It was your support, compassion and humor that helped me make it through this difficult process. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it. Thank you so much for being there. They say that when one door closes another one opens. And if you're lucky, you'll have friends there to help you walk through it.”

Melissa M., Arlington, MA

“I recently moved back to the Boston area, after living in Chicago and Florida for the past eight years. Not having many contacts in New England, a friend of my old boss suggested that I attend an MPN Soirée. He said the group was helpful to him when he was looking for a new job a few years ago. I was never a big believer in the power of networking, but I decided to give the MPN Soirée a chance. At the end of the evening, I spoke to a woman whose company was looking to fill a marketing communications position, which was exactly what I was seeking. We exchanged email addresses at the event, she sent me the job description, I sent her my resume, and the next thing I knew…I got the job! Thank you George and MPN for helping my job search in a new state go much quicker than anticipated.”

Holly S., Andover, MA

“In the short time I have been networking with MPN (November-January), I found a job that closely matched my objectives. I am very pleased with how things turned out and am excited about getting back to work. Before joining MPN, I was networking with another group, which didn't seem to be as productive for me, given my niche in marketing communications. With MPN's great membership and focus on marketing, I was able to obtain employment more quickly.

In fact, I obtained my current position through networking with MPN members. Specifically, I contacted Tom B. to talk with him about places he had worked before in the financial services industry. He's now in health care so I was really surprised when he gave me a heads up" about a new position at his company that really fit me. Not only that, but after my meeting with him (we had a great discussion!) he presented my resume to the hiring manager. I went through the formal interview process and the rest is history.

After attending the soiree last night, I can see that my situation is but one of numerous examples of all the good you do, George, and shows how your support, help and encouragement can assist job hunters in getting the right job for them!”

Gaylea W., Boylston, MA

“I want to let you know that the MPN group has become an invaluable resource in my job hunt. I am most impressed with the daily job leads you send the group. This alone makes membership in the group worth while. They have helped cut through the endless website job board ‘clutter’ – most of the jobs you send are coming from ‘real, live’ people and one can usually respond directly to them. No more sending resumes into ‘internet oblivion’. This, plus the advice from you and the other MPN members, is making my search for new employment all the more productive.”

Edoardo K., Newton, MA

“I cannot say enough about the benefits of MPN for me. I was out of work for approximately a year when I discovered the group. The MPN meetings and the individual support I received from George Mercer were extremely helpful, allowing me to broaden my network and ultimately secure a new position.

Thank-you George and MPN. It is an arduous process looking for a job, but MPN is truly an outstanding group that can provide the strategic and emotional support one needs while looking for work.”

Paul J., Reading, MA

“In reflecting about my experience being un- and under-employed, I recall some stressful and discouraging times. I also recall some MPN meetings where other group members shared their own anxieties. At one meeting, a member who had always struck me as being very together" and confident admitted that he was quite discouraged and going through a very bad time. You [George] were always very sensitive to these situations, and did a great job in rallying the group's support to support individuals such as this. In fact, I enjoyed the meetings and always found them to be a source of energy and inspiration.”

Dave P., Sudbury, MA