"Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late."
   — Marilyn Ferguson

Terms of Use

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While in general we have tried to keep the rules and regulations for MPN to a minimum, it is important that you read and agree to the following.

  1. You are a valid member of MPN - either currently active or an "alum".

  2. You do not allow others to use this site unless they also are MPN members in good standing.

  3. The site is for your own personal use and not for any commercial or collective use. In other words, you will not use the site for advertising, selling any goods and services (besides your own personal employment), conducting research or surveys, fund raising for charities, sending around chain letters and the like, recruiting candidates for jobs in which you receive compensation for their recruitment, or anything else in the way of commercial usage that is not mentioned here.

  4. While the site is governed by the absolute and fundamental right of free speech, it is also for the use of many other MPNers. Therefore, you will be truthful to the best of your knowledge in all you write on the site and, in addition, you will be temperate and considerate of others in any written comments you put up on the site.

    What do we mean by "temperate and considerate of others"? The American Airlines website, for example, puts this doctrine in more stringent, more legalistic, and certainly more politically correct ways. If you are unclear, then use their language as a guide for your language:

    "You agree that you will not Misuse the Site. "Misuse" includes, but is not limited to, using the Site to do any of the following:

    … Distribute, disseminate, post, or publish any information or material that degrades, embarrasses, harasses, humiliates, intimidates, or threatens any individual or group of individuals on the basis of their age, ancestry, color, ethnicity, marital status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, national origin, race, sex, sexual orientation, union or nonunion affiliation, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law or ordinance.

    … Abuse, defame, harass, stalk, threaten, or otherwise violate others' legal rights, including but not limited to rights of privacy and publicity.

    … Distribute, disseminate, post, or publish any indecent, infringing, obscene, or unlawful information or material.

    … etc., etc.

    In fact, we reserve the right to delete posted comments that are in our opinion inappropriate-in any way, shape or form. Furthermore, if you are found to abuse the site in any way, shape or form, your access will be terminated.

  5. You agree that MPN, the Facilitator, the Admin Guy, and all its members are not responsible for any misuse or abuse of the site. Again, as an example of what we mean by "not responsible" we turn to the legal experts at American Airlines for the defining vision:

    You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless MPN and its officers and members from and against any and all claims, demands, proceedings, suits and actions, including any related liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, deficiencies, penalties, taxes, levies, fines, judgments, settlements, expenses (including legal and accountants' fees and disbursements) and costs (collectively, "Claims"), based on, arising out of or resulting from your use of the Site, including without limitation any Claims alleging facts that if true would constitute your breach of this Agreement.

  6. You agree to respect the privacy of all posted comments and to not pass them along verbatim, in summary form, or with attribution to anyone who is not an MPNer.

  7. You agree to forgive any MPNer who has made intemperate, even libelous, statements on the site and to not seek damages from them, but rather to correct the record as fully and completely as you can. Any and all complaints, arguments and differences of opinion are to be mediated by the Faciliator.