"Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late."
   — Marilyn Ferguson

MPN Soirée Attendee List

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Delighted to Attend:

Maureen Crocker (Guest of Bruce Rhodes): “Guest of Bruce Rhodes”
Sherry Keyles
Douglas Hamer
Sean Sexton
Francine Cottone
Jill Cetel (Guest of Aizan Radzi)
Marjorie Stone
Marjorie Westerman
Doug Bonin
Mitchell Lederman Lederman: “As George's musical mentor, it is essential that I make my annual appearance. If not, George would still be singing Walk Like a Man, My Way and the Doo Ron Ron.”
Sandra Mastorakos: “Looking forward to seeing everyone!”
Mitchell Lederman
Aizan Radzi: “Looking forward to seeing everyone! It has been too long.”
Don Messier
Siân Cox
Janet Saxton: “Twenty years! I remember the early days well and look forward to the celebration.”
Kim Novick: “any truth to the rumor that the admin guy is volunteering for the ALS ice bucket challenge?”
Jim Gallant: “For 20 years, Mr. Mercer has been losing clients. Let's all chip in and buy him a cocktail.”
Mike Bugda
Steve Robins
Susan Abell
Nora Kinne (Guest of Aaron Kinne): “Looking forward to attending as a guest of Aaron Kinne”
Abby Kurzman: “I'll be fashionably late.”
Sandy Pochapin
George Mercer
Rozanne Fredkin: “A fall soirée. How nice. It's been awhile, and I am hoping to be pleased with GTM's fall tie selection. Look forward to seeing everyone!”
K. Kimball (Kim) Holland: “Looking forward to catching up with my good friends at MPN!!”
Jane Fine
karla smith
Bruce Rhodes
Jeff Grossman
Gary Lubarsky: “How can MPN be 20 when the Admin Guy is only 18 or 19?”
Ann Coffou: “It will be great to see old colleagues again! (George -- you are the "old" one.)”
Aaron Kinne
MaryEllen Roy: “Let's catch up!”
Jim Callahan
Sheryl HIrsch
Michael Paladini: “Unfortunately, I cannot stay for long on a Wednesday evening, but I look forward to dropping in and seeing all my old MPN friends. ~mp”
Evanthia Malliris (Guest of )
MaryMargaret Franclemont
Libby Dilling: “Wouldn't miss this event!”
James Callahan
Amy Marks
Bob Mannal
Susan Daddio
Barry Tuber

Sorry, Can't Come This Time:

Susan Barber: “So disappointed that I will not be able to attend. I have an early morning event in Avon, so I will be headed home early that day. Sorry to miss my friends!”
Linda Lecomte: “Sorry, but I have plans that evening. Hoping for a holiday soiree to catch up with everyone. Have fun!”
Roberta Leger (Guest of ): “So sorry to miss it!”
Craig Lazinsky: “I am out of the country on the date of the Soirée, and wish all associated with MPN a very happy anniversary. The group has contributed greatly to my professional success.”