"And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from."
   — T.S. Eliot

MPN Individual Career Coaching Services

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George Mercer is an independent copywriter and marketing consultant who has, over the past 20 years, established a career coaching/counseling practice that assists marketing, sales and professionals from other industry sectors to identify the right career directions for them - and to make the right choices once they do.

He is also working, more and more, with twenty-somethings as they make their way through the shoals of a challenging economy. His approach is one of eclectic humanism, less based on any one formula or set of tests, more focused on the individual and the importance of setting out on their journey on a solid footing. Or, as time goes on, in making good decisions on turnings and choosing the road most suitable for them to go on.

Because everyone has a unique set of talents and is at a different juncture in their work life, he chooses an approach that works best for you, the individual. His practice is, in the best sense of the word, client-centered.

You'll be able to discuss at length your goals, plans and wishes for a new and more meaningful career choice. Or, if your direction is clear to you, you'll be able to obtain specific, informed and practical coaching advice on how to go about securing that new position as quickly as possible.

You can use his coaching/counseling in any of the following areas to help you to…

  • Determine what direction your career should take next
  • Brainstorm new career choices or transition strategies
  • Define what energizes you about work - and what doesn't
  • Interpret the results of your MBTI scores and use the findings in your job search
  • Formulate a structured job search strategy plan
  • Write (or rewrite) your resume
  • Create ancillary marketing materials
  • Research the job market and specific companies and their cultures in depth
  • Become a more effective and expansive networker
  • Practice skills to handle interviews more effectively
  • Make the best choice when you have multiple options in front of you
  • Negotiate the optimal salary/benefits package for the long-term
  • Make a successful transition into the new job

You have the choice of coaching/counseling formats depending upon your immediate requirements and time frame:

  • In-person coaching meetings
  • Phone consultations
  • E-mail communications
  • Group facilitation

Here's how I work and handle billing. The first hour is free... unless you decide to continue working with me in which case we would set a mutually agreeable hourly rate. My rates are on a sliding scale: $80/hr to $120/hr. I base the rate on the past salaries of my clients as well as their current financial condition. I use a sliding scale in order that I can be available to as many people as possible without money getting in the way. I expect to get paid (via check/or cash) at the end of each meeting, unless we agree to a different arrangement prior to the meeting. Please make every effort to provide 48 hours notice of cancellation.