"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first."
   — Mark Twain

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You Won’t Find A Job Here, But…

You won’t find a job merely by visiting this site. Nor by surfing the web 15 hours a day, for that matter, if current trends continue. The fact is, as many studies by the best outplacement firms in the country have shown, you find jobs through networking. Which is precisely what MPN is about.
Instead of just visiting our site, follow-up on the info you find here; join the group; attend meetings regularly; meet new people; extend your contacts; learn how the job search process works…and, yes, monitor the job boards and other sources for “Help Wanted” ads. But, most of all, learn how to network: how to use a group like MPN as a resource for both contacts and opportunities to help others out. Before you realize it, you’ll reach that critical mass that results in success: a new job.
Still, these days, you’ve got to have a website, so now we do…and a vastly improved one at that thanks to the efforts of Sandra Mastorakos, Heather Campbell, Doug Bonin, Doug Hamer, and, above all, our sainted webmaster who has pulled it all together, Barry Tuber.
They did a terrific job, but, in the end, MPN is about people, peer-to-peer relationships, face time, and the development of close contacts with colleagues, new and old, that can help you—and them—in the years to come. So read the info on the site; revisit it regularly to see what goodies we’ve added; RSVP for soirees, etc. Pass the word on to friends.
Then take part in MPN, both at meetings and off-line, and make it yours. To get the most out of the group, you must give the most you have to it…and to everyone who partakes of it. As a network, it is not about one person—you or me—but about a flat plane of people laced together horizontally into a complex web of relationships that comprises a surprisingly extensive network.
Rather than getting caught up in how your 30-second elevator pitch sounds or how your resume looks or what leads you can wrest out of each and every meeting, just come and be yourself and try to be a part of it all.
At MPN, we take the immortal words of Meher Baba seriously, at least when it comes to jobs (and websites):  “Do your best and then don’t worry. Be happy!”

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