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With the Recession Breathing Down Their Necks, How Are Marketing Departments Responding?

MarketingSherpa had a graphic in their most recent newsletter showing what marketing departments had in mind for handling the downturn. And just this week they began a two-part series on ways to deal with budget cutters.  If you don’t receive their newsletter, you should. It’s timely, very readable, and focuses on the future, i.e. Internet marketing. As they noted, “The crush of a recessionary economy is pushing marketing departments to reevaluate their spending plans. Expect travel, vendor contracts and staff to take the biggest hits.” At the same time, virtual training, including web conferencing solutions, are sure to be in big demand. Remember, while the bad news about the recession is making headlines, there are people out there quietly making money in their own niches. Take heart, put on your thinking cap, and keep a sharp eye out for opportunities.

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