"And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from."
   — T.S. Eliot

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Why Building — and Maintaining — Momentum in the Job Search Is So Important.

What makes the job search process so endlessly fascinating— at least to me!— is that while everyone handles it in their very own unique way, there seems to be a pattern underlying many searches. But not all…and that’s the rub. Some people just get going, hang a resume on line, and, bang, they seem to get a job right away. Witness Amy Shanahan. Others are more methodical, take more time to touch all the bases, and learn as much as they can about all facets of the search and the marketing world, before getting a prized offer: witness Libby Dilling who just landed. Yet it seems that there is an underlying process at work and this is that they both located a strong current or undertow of attraction and willingness to move forward that resulted in a strong momentum being built up. Yes, I know, this sounds very vague and theoretical, but if you keep in mind that your job is to build your momentum, get out of the calm eddies and pools at the edge of the river, and get into the middle of things…and then to keep paddling like mad even when you have an offer almost in your reach…you’ll be in a new job before you know it!

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