"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well."
   — Phillip Earl Stanhope

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Out and Go Networking!

I was reminded of the importance of networking in the job search by a couple of events recently. First, two MPNers who found jobs this past month attributed their success to their networking efforts. While it doesn’t always happen this way, it does more often than not. So sitting in front of a computer screen and hoping that Monster or CareerBuilder or TheLadders or some other job board will do the heavy lifting for you offers faint hope. It can happen, and it does, but not often enough to bet the house on it. Secondly, there is that small matter of your enthusiasm level. (No question it helps in the job search.) For everyone—extrovert and introvert—getting out and about and meeting people, interacting with professionals in different settings, can be a tonic to the mid-winter job search blues. Especially when you attend industry events, you can run into people whom you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. And you’ll have that all important face time that can make all the difference. Why do you think all the Hollywood moguls make sure to get out and do lunch and schmooze as much as they do? So take a page from their script and get out to an event or two this month…and be sure you’ve registered for the MPN Soiree. You won’t have to wear an evening gown or a tux, but you’ll feel much, much better after you attend!

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