"Every beginning is a consequence — every beginning ends something."
   — Paul Valéry

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What I learned on my summer vacation hiking in the North Country.

Essentially, take one step at a time and focus your energies entirely on making it a smooth, safe and efficient one. When your mind wanders and you start worrying about other things you’re bound to make that false step that could well lead to an injury. Sounds pretty corny, but what you do on the hiking trail in the mountains of the North Country applies just as well to the job search. In fact, I’ve heard far too many people say, after a good meeting with a new contact who is in a position to help them (and vice versa) in the years to come, that it was good, but, well, gee they don’t have a job yet so what good is it and so forth and so on. Whoa. One step at a time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, I believe the Chinese say (although I doubt Mao Zedong said that back in 1934 as he started out on the Long March). And, so too, if you can just focus on doing as much, as productively, and as efficiently as you can every day, things will eventually fall into place. Worried about the gas crisis? According to a saleswoman at a store I spent far too much time at while my wife shopped for rugs (!), people are still driving as much, they’re just not buying as much. Worried about the stock market? Some people I know  — and who should know — are feeling that the markets could well bounce back and make major gains in ’09 which bodes well for us job seekers. So, put the worries aside, tie up your boots, and get out on the job hunt trail. Besides, when you get to the summit, and you have signed your offer letter you can always have a nap after your lunch…before you head down to your new office!

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