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Websites: Can’t Live with Them, Can’t Live without Them!

We have just launched what is, I believe, our third iteration of the MPN Website. This one was created by what looked to be a Dream Team of MPNers: those with the time and willingness to chip in with their expertise and create the website to top all websites.

That was back in December. It’s now May according to my calendar — although the infamous Mayan calendar may differ on that! Since that time, four of the six members went off to new jobs, either contract or full-time positions: Libby Dilling went over to MIT to handle the marketing chores at the MIT Sloan Fellows program; Mark Sandman went to Stratus for a highly intense and productive six months of marcom output; Audrey Lazewatsky landed in the center of the financial district doing graphic design; and Lee Bodzioch has just completed his third graphic design contract at Progress Software.

In other words, we only had Barry Tuber, our devoted, not to mention long-suffering webmaster, to hold down the fort and keep me from screwing things up too much, which he did time after time — although I did manage to slow things down considerably. So it goes…

Barry, by the way, has been quite busy in his own right as he has taken on the creation, redesign and maintenance of more and more websites, most of his work at the back end of the process: in other words, the complex task of coding and structuring sites so that they work seamlessly for the user. Fortunately, he’s about as smart as anyone I know in this business so his clients are doing well indeed.

Ultimately, though, the MPN website will be the product of you, the MPN member, and how you use it and how you suggest we can improve it… and how you interface with other MPNers. As hard as it was to bring this version online, it will be worth it if we all can live with our new website… at least until next week!

Hopefully, it will be as the saying goes: all to the good.

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