"Do or do not; there is no try"
   — Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

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To Blog or Not to Blog…Four Criteria to Help You Decide

Many people ask, should I do a blog? Will it help my search? Will it demonstrate my New Media savvy? Sometimes we come up with some useful job-search criteria at our weekly meetings (despite the best efforts of the Admin Guy!). We did so at our last meeting in terms of the characteristics you should have before you start a blog. They are: 1) Be an expert in your field or, at least, be able to blog in depth about your area of expertise; 2) Be a good writer. If you don’t like to write, if you struggle to get out a paragraph that sings even a little bit, you may not be cut out for blogging; 3) Be a self-promoter, or to put it in a little nicer way, be perfectly comfortable treating all subjects that come your way in an unselfconscious and enthusiastic way. In addition, an MPNer had another criteria worth adding to the list: 4) Be authentic. If your blog doesn’t really reflect you or your true values or what you believe in… if you don’t quite feel genuine doing it, don’t! We might also add that a blog isn’t a blog if you don’t do it regularly. So next time someone says to you, “Why don’t you do a blog?”, and you decided not to, just choose one of the above. But if you feel qualified on all four counts, go for it! And send us your link!

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