"Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late."
   — Marilyn Ferguson

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The Loneliness of the 21st Century Job Seeker.

Today, the job search can be a lonely one. You’re probably working out of your home, as companies have been cutting back on outplacement benefits, in which case you might have had the benefit of a temporary office. You spend a good deal of time online—alone mind you—as you search for job leads and expand your LinkedIn contacts and answer email, whether it’s vital or not. You might even get the chance of doing a mock interview with an outplacement counselor who videos you, alone in action. And, finally, when you do get an interview, you’re lucky to even get a cursory email back. In short, you can all too easily fall into the loneliness of the long distance runner. Yet, there are places out there, and MPN is one of them, where you can find support—and more importantly feedback. Witness last week’s workshop on Acing the Interview: not only was it highly interactive with everyone getting a chance to be interviewed and then reviewed by other participants, and in a positive way, too, but people followed up with each other afterwards to make further suggestions and share more tips. Now, how many times has an interviewer given you specific feedback about your presentation, your posture, and your persona in an interview setting? I wager none; nada; zed. Yet, how else are you going to learn but through practice and more practice? After all, not everyone is born with Paul Newman’s charisma. Interviewing is not acting, but it definitely is the fine art of putting your best foot forward (and not in your mouth!). Just ask those who attended; everyone had something valuable to learn — and, maybe most of all, they did it together, and not alone.

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