"We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are."
   — Talmud

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The Economic Contraction Is Making for An MPN Expansion

It now appears that the forces roiling the economy and the stock market are now being felt in the marketing community in the area. We had one of our largest meetings in recent memory last time, and interest in MPN seems to be picking up quite a bit. Whether credit is as tight as some would argue, or whether gas prices are having an impact on peoples’ spending and thus on retail sales of all kinds, it’s hard to ascertain. But it’s not hard to figure out that this is probably no time to take the summer off. In previous summers, there would be a noticeable dip in attendance—and effort—on the part of MPNers as they treated their employment hiatus as a chance to take a vacation and head to the beach or the mountains…or both. Which isn’t such a bad thing if you’re looking for a job, as most people would agree that it is hard work—in some cases, harder than working at their old job. And it’s not a bad thing to get outside, get some color, and feel rested and ready because employers are always looking for people with vitality and energy. Still, the old days of a slow summer in personnel are gone. Companies are hiring based on need and future projection, not season, so it pays to be out there, replying to postings, meeting with old colleagues and friends, and doing your utmost to make new ones along the way. Funny, but that sounds suspiciously like “networking”! But which I prefer to refer to as building your network—something we all should be doing as a matter of course anyway. And what better way to do that than…you guessed it…come to MPN meetings this summer! In fact, we have added some extra meetings so as to be available to you. Come join us.

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