"If you don't know where you are going, any road'll take you there."
— George Harrison

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So, Just How Bad Is It Out There?

Just to give you a little insight on how things look from the end of the table at MPN: We have only had two people get full time, bona fide jobs in the last few months, far fewer than normal, but not so bad given the economy. A number of people have taken on part-time, contract jobs: some in their field, some outside. More than a few of those contracts have been rolled over with good prospects for the future. The numbers at MPN meetings have doubled, or thereabouts, in the past three to four months, with some MPNers, and good ones, returning after losing jobs that they had held – some for lengthy periods, but many for shorter stints, say nine months to a year. The job leads that are coming in have decreased, but there has by no means been a stoppage in the pipeline. That being said, when a good marketing job opens up at a growing company such as Constant Contact, resumes pour in. The company received, according to one report, up to 350 resumes—but keep in mind that no means are all of those resumes qualified. In sum, there’s no question that it is extremely challenging job market right now, but it’s not an altogether washout. There are signs that the credit markets have firmed up and that the bond markets are more active; good financial signs for the future.  Given that employment tends to lag economic cycles though, any significantly positive developments in hiring after the markets stabilize are still a ways off. Therefore, it is well worth the effort to track down any and all contract jobs and part-time opportunities to tide you through this vale of tears. All things must pass and this will pass too; the only question is how soon. And if anyone tells you exactly when that will be, tell them to get Madoffed!

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