"Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late."
   — Marilyn Ferguson

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Random Reflections at the New Year

IN THE SPIRIT OF THE NEW YEAR, we’re making a few changes to the MPN Newsletter, not the least of which is a change in type font to Verdana. Tired of the old, bring in the new! We’ve also updated the MPN website as you can see, so you might poke around and see what’s new…and what’s not. At the same time, it’s worth noting that some people seem to be getting jobs more quickly as more companies seem anxious to snatch up good, well-suited talent for the positions they have open. The pendulum has definitely swung over the other way from three years ago—for how long is anybody’s guess—but it’s a good time to be looking. Someone told us that they saw a survey that reported an incredible 75 percent of people with jobs were looking as well, but it’s best to take many of these surveys with a large grain of salt. But remember: it can take a fair amount of time to land a new job. If you’re having trouble finding your true niche, or transitioning into a new field or function, or if you’re more senior in level, give yourself some leeway. And, then…then there are those special people who have to go through extra hoops to get the job they really want! Witness one MPNer who finally landed at a local software firm, but it was not without some bumps along the way. In fact, he was subjected to not one but two “X” factors in the job interviewing process. In fact, he is the first MPN to survive two “X” factors—those out of the blue events right at the end of the interviewing process than can derail your candidacy. I suppose we can call him Mr. Double XX! The key point for all job seekers is to be patient, go with the ups and downs, and not get flustered. In his case, first there was an internal candidate that popped up at the last minute and then there was another external candidate from who knows where, who someone thought should be interviewed. As a result, our MPNer was doing more up and downs than a Yo Yo at a World Competition. Fortunately, he had the wisdom to stay with it, and is now hard at work in a job that is ideally suited for him. No doubt, MPN helped him to weather some of the downturns, but that’s another story. For now, the economy seems to be doing well so take advantage of the good times if you can.

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