"Man, when you lose your laugh, you lose your footing."
   — Ken Kesey

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On the Origins of the MPN Soiree

What’s in a name? “Soiree” was first coined at a meeting of some MPNers at a booth at Papa Razzi’s before the first-ever soiree. The name provides the event with a sense of style and elegance and a certain something special that sets it off from the rest of the networking events around town. As well it might as this is the 27th Soiree by one reckoning and in that time numerous MPNers have met numerous other MPNers for the first time…and then time and time again…and still others have made the connections that led to their next job. However, it’s more about the building of a network than it is about going around the room “networking” for a job. Come to a Soiree for that “One Job Lead” only and you’ll miss all the other good stuff going on around you, right underneath your nose: namely the slow and steady development of vibrant networks. (Come for the food and well…we try!) The fact is that this so-called networking thing takes time and effort and caring…yes, caring about others in your network…and if you miss that piece of it, you’ve missed the whole ball of wax. So consider an MPN like a gala ball, if you will, and as you dance around the room, don’t look over the shoulder of your partner for the next—and perhaps more immediately useful—partner, but instead pay attention to the one you’re with…because he or she is the secret to your job success: and you will find that success one person, one true, new-found friend, at a time.

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