"Your work is to discover your work and then, with all your heart, give yourself to it."
   — Buddha

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Making the most of the summer season.

Every summer I hear people say that since companies don’t tend to hire in the summer they might as well go off to the beach themselves. Or, maybe they’re a little more savvy, and ask how busy it is at MPN and what should they be doing? Fact is, as a recent article that MPNer Stacie M. gave me (from CEO Update) made clear, summer is actually a very good time to be out looking for a job. For one, some companies like to do their interviewing in July and August so that the candidates can on board right after Labor Day, which arguably is a much the beginning of a new year as January 1st. Furthermore, people are more social in the summer (and not hidden in their caves riding out the cold, dark days of winter) so they will be apt to take the time to see you. Finally, even those who are working are not immune to the news from the unemployment offices, so they are now more than ever aware of the importance of networking. Who knows when they’ll need a favor returned? At the same time, there’s nothing like a healthy tan to project a picture of vitality and “can-do-it-ive-ness” (a technical human resource term!) to help you secure that next job. So, by all means, be sure to take some vacation time and spend time outdoors. A 60-hour a week job search in July is probably counterproductive, but a month hanging out on the islands, sending off the odd resume and making the occasional networking phone call, probably won’t get you very far…well, not beyond the local lobster and margarita shack! Then again, you never know whom you will meet down at the Cape. Stacie M, who just happens to be enjoying the easy life this week at the Cape as this is written, ran into an old friend a couple of years ago who helped her network into her last job. So if you do go to the beach, don’t forget to make nice with your fellow vacationers!

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