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   — Albert Camus

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LinkedIn: Use It or Lose…Out.

Just this weekend I was talking with a senior-level recruiter in Manhattan and he happened to mention that they use LinkedIn all the time. No surprise there. But it was his matter of fact tone that got me to thinking. LinkedIn is now without a doubt, especially if you want the attention of either in-house or out-house recruiters, a key element of your search. What to do? This may be old news to many of you, but still, it’s worth repeating. Your profile should be rated at 100% by LinkedIn, as some recruiters only look at those that 100% — after all, why should they bother with the laggards?

If you see a job listing that interests you, you should immediately start tracking that company. It’s a little like the college interview process: you must show your interest in the company/college by following them/visiting the college to be taken seriously as a candidate. You should have some recommendations — how many is a matter of opinion. Just be sure to avoid reciprocal ones as it looks a little fishy.

LinkedIn is far more robust than just a list of connections though. There are groups to join where, by the by, juicy job leads may be posted. Don’t have a good target list yet? There’s a functionality to search for particular kinds of companies in your area. Use it. And, also, let everyone know you’re in the game by updating your profile with changes and/or news bits on a regular basis.

Finally, what to do about targeting your profile to a particular job opportunity? Good luck on that one. There’s no practical or easy way to do it. Like many aspects of the job search process, you can’t control everything. If you think there is no such thing as luck or chance or fate or kismet or “God’s plan” or whatever you want to call it, just ask Red Sox management this morning about that!

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