"Man, when you lose your laugh, you lose your footing."
   — Ken Kesey

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“Life. Is. Hard.”

When it came time to look for a job, no one promised you a rose garden as the book title famously put it. Today, it’s probably exponentially harder: hiring managers are notoriously uncivil; people don’t answer your emails or calls unless they want you for something; HR recruiting software forces you into a box when you apply; and then you frequently have to go through a gauntlet of interviews to get the job. I’d say the deck was rigged, but that’s the way it as. As the headline implies — it’s a quotation from Laurie Reuttiman, a.k.a. The Cynical Girl — many things in life are hard. It’s then up to you: you can make it harder by fighting the process every step of the way… or just go along with it and lie back and think of England. The more you protest, though, the more pissed off you’ll be and that will not bode well for either job interviews or networking. After all, who wants to hire, let alone, help out someone with a chip on their shoulder. That’s why MPN networking can be so effective: the people you can talk to have all gone through it and will be more sympathetic your challenges. In most cases, they’ll have had to swallow their own anger at the system and jump through the same hoops. In turn, they can help you to understand what’s important and what’s not. So don’t’ look a gift horse in the mouth: make use of the MPN network as much as you can. Just remember to smile and say please and thank you, as my brother always instructed his children, who are all now not very well behaved at all !!! Still, shorten the headline and you get “Life. Is.” And that is something you can’t argue with!

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