"Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late."
   — Marilyn Ferguson

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Just what is happening with this crazy, mishugas, of an economy anyways?

When I came into work this morning at my usual early hour, I stopped to talk with two young women dressed for the office but tossing around some boxes in a mini-warehouse in the back of our building. They said they were packing to move out. Ahh, another company downsizing thinks I. But no, they work for St. Jude’s Research and are expanding and need more space. I don’t know if they have any jobs available, but they did say they were doing well. Which is not as unusual as one might think as there seem to be pockets in this economy that are doing well…and people who are finding jobs. Yes, it takes longer: look at Kelly M. It was a five-month campaign, but she’s now raring to go: witness Aline K. who is fast back at work. I know of a couple of other MPNers who are on the verge of being hired as well. From what I’ve heard from recruiters around the city they are finding the same kind of activity, busy in spots, quiet in others, but in general there’s been an uptick. MPNers themselves have noted that there seems to be more activity out there. And why shouldn’t there be? The Fed is printing money and buying clunkers — an idea that the Germans first used, more for environmental reasons than pump priming I believe—and spending on infrastructure so there should be more economic activity. How can you be sure that things are really turning the corner…beyond the musings of some misguided blogger? Or anecdotal evidence which is microeconomics at its finest? Here’s a tip. Go to the Labor Department’s site for the Bureau of Statistics (http://www.bls.gov/ces/home.htm#news ) and look up the latest report on the Current Employment Situation. You’ll find buried in the statistics an entry for Temporary Employment. It just so happens that a recent research report by the American Staffing Association (ASA) in conjunction with its corporate partner, Inavero Institute for Service Research, has confirmed the old wisdom that, like a robin is a sign of spring, an increase in Temporary Employment is a coincident indicator of a recovery. Then again, you can do what Caroline R. is doing and not put your eggs in any one applecart, as it were!, and take multiple smaller jobs in the interim. Which in fact is what I am finding a number of MPNers doing: a contract job here, a temp to perm opportunity there, a consulting agreement over there, a partnership or boutique consultancy up there…and pretty soon you have a patchwork vision of the local marketing job market. At least until the BLS tells us differently, it’s all we’ve got…and some of it is pretty colorful, too! Let’s just hope the upswing keeps on going up.

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