"Your work is to discover your work and then, with all your heart, give yourself to it."
   — Buddha

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It’s Still A Matter of Networking, Networking, Networking.

One of the major changes in MPN this fall, besides a perceptible uptick in the local hiring market, has been the introduction of Table Topics into the agenda for each Monday Meeting. Interestingly, it’s less teaching and more listening as everyone seems to have an opinion as well as some very constructive suggestions as to go about your search. The fact is there’s a lot of knowledge around that table, both in terms of all the different aspects of marketing and the job search. The hard part is getting to the table! (That’s why we’ve shortened the meetings so that they end at 5:00pm—sharp.) While new social technologies such as LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter are bringing more people together more of the time, the question remains as to how close those connections really are. Which is why an event like tonight’s Soiree is so well attended: people need and want to press the flesh and get that invaluable face time, no matter how many text messages they send and receive every day. And this is a great month to get out from behind that shimmering, flickering, glimmering blue monitor and meet some new people and reconnect with old ones. It’s a familiar refrain, I know; but when you read the following stories of how MPNers got their jobs, time and again you see that it was a matter of “Networking, networking, networking” as one recent job recipient noted in her email—and a joyous one at that. So MPN will continue  next year to host events both large and small where people can get to know one another better…and at the same time develop better and more honed job search skills so they too can celebrate their new jobs!

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