"Nourish your gift and don't quit."
   — Bill Clinton, speaking about Steve Jobs

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MPN is fundamentally about people, but sometimes those pesky computers can actually add value to the people-to-people interactions that make the group what it is. This web site is an attempt to do that, in a deliberately limited way.

This site was launched in February, 2003. It then underwent a major site design in 2006. And, in 2012, we  updated it yet again.

It's the members of MPN that make the organization succeed. In this redesign, we were lucky to have the input, hard work and expertise of the following MPNers who made up the 2012 Website Redesign Dream Team:

Barry Tuber - Developer of MPN's new web content management system and long-time MPN webmaster (he can be yours too if you hire him; just ask at PersonalCTO.net).

Mark Sandman - Content Manager and Information Architect

Libby Dilling - Content Developer - currently* in marketing for the MIT Sloan Fellows Program

Lee Bodzioch - Graphic Designer

Audrey Lazewatsky - Photographer - Owner, Envisionit Design

It should be noted that they had the previous efforts of the 2006 Website Team to build on including  the following MPN members who were instrumental in reworking the site at that time:

Sandra Mastorakos - Project Manager for Site Redesign - currently* working at HBS Executive Education

Heather Campbell - Content Editor

Doug Bonin - Content Architecture and Photography - currently* a Employee Communications Manager for Research and Development at CA Technologies

Doug Hamer - Graphic Designer - currently* a Senior Designer at Constant Contact

Barry Tuber - Webmaster (even way back then!)

In other words, it takes a village of many talented MPNers to build a website!

* As of May 2012