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About the Marketing Professionals Network

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Who We Are

The Marketing Professionals Network, or MPN, is a 20 year-old, Boston-based networking group of professionals who are experienced in selling, advertising, marketing, communicating, and/or promoting an organization’s products and services.

MPN's mission is to create a space where members can get in-depth information on area job opportunities, learn advanced job-search techniques, support each other during the ups and downs of the process, and, finally, to build a solid network for the long-term benefit of their careers. More

MPN Winter Soiree — A Well Attended Event in a New Venue

Despite some chilly weather, MPNers turned out in solid numbers for this Winter's MPN Soiree. Held at the CopperHouseTavern in Waltham, MA just off Rte 128 at Winter Street, the Soiree featured a very energetic and insightful presentation by Abby Grant of Digitial People — the digital, interactive and marketing talent agency.

No stranger to the microphone nor to networking nor job searching for that matter, Abby was met with almost universal acclaim and appreciation by those in attendance. She combined just the right measure of savvy knowledge about the job search and empathy for job seekers everywhere. Many asked that she return for an encore!

The Spring Soiree is in the planning stages already. So watch your in box for a Save the Date email.

News for MPN 2014

Changes are in the works! We’ve revamped the schedule of meeitngs; restructured the meetings themselves; job leads will now be posted on the MPNBoston LinkedIn Group site; plus much more. Here are the basics:

1) MPN Meetings will now be held on alternate Tuesday mornings at the Waltham Watch Factory office from 10:00am to 12:45pm. See the MPN Calendar for more:

2) Meetings will be organized into three parts:

a) A short intro from each attendee — we’ll use the “3-floor elevator speech” rule of thumb.

b) A period for the structured exchange of job leads. Attendees must make every effort to offer up at least one job lead (if not more) for someone else who attends.

c) A Table Topic covering a subject of current value to job seekers, such as How to Create a More Compelling LinkedIn profile or How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search.

3) Job leads will no longer be distributed via email. Instead, they will be posted directly to the MPNBoston LinkedIn site. As an MPN member, you get free access to these leads on the site. But they are only for MPNers as the site is a private one. If you’re an MPNer and want to join, just search for MPNBoston in
the groups section on LinkedIn and then Request to Join. An Admin of the site will approve you.

4) To post a job lead on the site, post it in the Discussions section and tab it as a “Jobs Discussion”. Do not post it under the LinkedIn “Post a Job’” link, as you will be required to pay a substantial amount; and this is merely passing along information to others in the network. Leads will show up best if you click on "Recent".

5) We will run more Workshops this year... and publish a schedule of them well ahead of time so you can plan.

6) A Soiree (the large group MPN networking meetings held in the evening) is scheduled to be heldon  March 5th.

Most importantly, some MPNers have already received and accepted very good job offers — so 2014 is off to a good start!


MPN Blog

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Upcoming Events

(See full calendar here.)

  • Tue, Sep 30: 10:00 AM - 12:45 PM
    MPN Meeting
  • Mon, Oct 13: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
    Columbus Day
  • Tue, Oct 14: 10:00 AM - 12:45 PM
    MPN Meeting